America's fittest couple

Love + Fitness = Happiness




Lyuda and I love animals and we often help out my mom by taking care of her pomeranian -- Finn.  Finn was adopted from the West Palm Beach animal shelter, "Peggy Adams," and he has added much life to our household. 




Whether it's heading to City Place (a local strip of shops and restaurants) or taking a walk on the beach, Finn accompanies us.  We try to take him for as many walks as we can because we want Finn to be fit too!  We also give him healthy food and we're trying to break his habit of eating cheese.




Getting fit isn't just about running or eating healthy, it's also about good karma.  If you're selfless and you give to others (even if it's an animal), you're going to get back positive vibes and energy.  



Finn didn't have a home before we took him into ours, just like countless animals being held up for adoption right now at shelters across the country.  If you're thinking about getting a pet, head to an animal shelter and adopt rather than buy from a breeder -- there's already many homeless animals, why should we fund breeders who are just making the problem worse?  



Get some good karma going and you'll see that it will help your fitness too! 

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