America's fittest couple

Love + Fitness = Happiness




Eating healthy food is eating simple food.  Luckily, simple food is easy to prepare.


The recipes to come are easy to follow and will be presented in a few quick, manageable steps.  The average length of time that Lyuda and Jon spend to prepare a meal is 15-minutes. Getting fitter and healthier has never been easier.

 Freshly-washed baby bok choy.  Saute or steam for a quick, healthy meal in minutes.

Freshly-washed baby bok choy.  Saute or steam for a quick, healthy meal in minutes.

 Steamed red cabbage.  Cooks in 5 minutes.

Steamed red cabbage.  Cooks in 5 minutes.

Eating America’s Fittest Couple Cuisine will take some time getting used to.  Lyuda and Jon don’t eat wheat, dairy, or gluten.  Their diet is in majority comprised of vegetables, grains, fruit, nuts, and fish.  Salt should be added to your food only after it has been cooked and the dishes plated – the reason for this is to limit your sodium intake. 


Start experimenting with the recipes below and take your fitness to the next level.  


Wild Rice with Baby Bok Choy, Chopped Scallions and Avocado

1.)  Boil Wild Rice (25 minutes)


2.)  Wash and Steam Baby Bok Choy (Steam for 5 minutes)


3.)  Slice Avocado and Scalllions (3 minutes)


4.)  Season with Paprika, Cumin, and Cayenne Pepper (1 minute)

Buckwheat (Kasha) with Green Salad, Avocado, and Roasted Sardines

1.)  Boil Raw Buckwheat (5-7 minutes)


2.)  Prepare Salad and Peel Avocado (5 minutes)


3.)  Broil Fresh Sardines Under High Heat.  Flip over after 3-4 minutes (7 minutes) 


4.) Season Kasha with Paprika and Garlic Salt. 

Brown Rice Pasta with Sauteed Eggplant



1.)  Boil Brown Rice Spaghetti and Drain (10-12 minutes)


2.)  Chop Eggplant and Saute in Coconut Oil.  Add Cayenne Pepper, Cumin, Paprika, and Fresh Black Pepper (8 minutes)


3.)  Combine and Plate (1 minute)


Pan-Seared Wild Cod with Kasha and Steamed Veggies


1.)  Pan-Sear Wild Cod in Large Pan with Olive Oil (6 minutes)


2.)  Wash, Slice, and Steam Zucchini and Squash (Steam for 6 minutes)


3.)  Boil Kasha (7 minutes)


Sauteed Vegetables with Quinoa and Collard Greens


1.)   Wash, Chop, and Saute Zucchini, Sweet Onion, and Red Onion in Olive Oil.  Add Cayenne and Black Pepper, Cumin, Cardamom, and Coriander (Saute for 8-10 minutes)


2.)   Boil Quinoa (10-12 minutes)


3.)   Wash Collard Greens and Serve Alongside (2 minutes)


Pan-Seared Wild Salmon with Steamed Greens and Green Salad

1.)  Wash and Chop Lettuce and Scallions.  Mix with Olive Oil and Vinegar (5 minutes)


2.)  Pan-Sear Wild Salmon Face-Up on High Heat with Coconut Oil.  Add Fresh Black Pepper (6 minutes)


3.)  Wash and Steam Broccoli and Zucchini.  Peel Outer Layer of Broccoli Stalks and Include. 


4.)  Add Zucchini and Stalks First to Steamer.  Add Broccoli Heads Afterwards For Final Two Minutes of Steaming (6 minutes total)


Brown Rice Pasta with Chopped Scallion and Steamed Baby Bok Choy

1.)  Wash and Steam Baby Bok Choy (4 minutes)


2.)  Boil Brown Rice Pasta (10-12 minutes)


3.)  Wash and Chop Scallions (3 minutes)


4.)  Plate Pasta with Olive Oil, Scallions, Cayenne and Fresh Black Pepper (2 minutes)


Healthy Dessert of Frozen Banana, Fresh Pear, Figs, Brazil Nuts, and Dark Chocolate


1.)   Peel and Freeze Ripened Bananas the Day Prior (2 minutes)


2.)   Plate Frozen Banana and Slice Fresh Pear.  Add Cinnamon (2 minutes)


3.)   Plate Figs, Brazil Nuts, and 85% Dark Chocolate (1 minute)


Steamed Wild Flounder with Green Chard and Wild Rice


1.)  Boil Wild Rice (25 minutes)


2.)  Wash and Steam Green Chard.  Steam Stalks First For Several Minutes Before Adding Leaves (6 minutes)


3.)  Steam Wild Flounder (5 minutes)


4.)  Add Fresh Herbs (Parsley or Dill) and Fresh Black Pepper (2 minutes)


Roasted Vegetables with Kasha and Avocado



1.)  Wash and Cut Cauliflower and Broccoli.  Season with Cumin, Paprika, and Black Pepper (5 minutes)


2.)  Broil Veggies Under High Heat (10 minutes)


3.)  Boil Kasha (6 minutes)


4.)  Peel and Slice Avocado (3 minutes)

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